Beyond Anxiety

Last weekend we hosted the final workshop in the Beyond Series : Beyond Anxiety. It was an incredible day which gave young people living with anxiety, artists and researchers in the field of anxiety the chance to discuss themes around the condition and explore them through art making.

We will be holding our next exhibition Beyond Anxiety at Menier Gallery, in Southwark, from 6th - 10th February 2018 and we'll be delighted to see you there. Follow us on social media to keep up to date with news and events around the show!

Our Participants


Our workshop would not be possible without our fantastic attendees. To get the workshop started we did some collaborative drawing exercises, which it would be a shame not to show you! Thank you very much to our participants:

Dr. Oliver Robinson, Dr. Christina Carlisi, Dr. Andrea Santangelo, Dr Shabana Khan, Elouise Sylvia Bingham, Chloe Hemming, Holly Davis, Aroob Sajjid, Ben Hadley, Ben Target, Tim Sargent, Sophie Horton, Nikki Morland, Viviana Chamorro, Rachel Williams, Paolo Arru, Sarbjit Natt

Art Making

We were delighted to be joined by artists Ben Target, Tim Sargent and Ben Hadley & Sophie Horton of On The Button Theatre who led workshops using theatre techniques, mixed media, painting and writing. 

Science Cafe

A science cafe allowed our researchers to explain their research and give us an insight into the developments of neuroscience in the field of anxiety. These discussions also gave everyone the chance to voice their experiences and ideas about anxiety.